Who Is Ron C

Good question.

The answer is NOBODY.

Because I am not an internet celebrity.

I don’t have a million followers on Twitter or Instagram.

I am not featured on late night TV shows.

I don’t have magazine editors and bloggers pleading for my interview.

Frankly speaking, I am just an average entrepreneur who’s making a living on the internet — like many of you reading this right now.

My 10+ year old business revolves around providing cutting-edge copywriting and content marketing services for small businesses (primarily for the B2B sector). I have worked clients from all over the world including some big names like VSD, OdoHub and Migrera.

And it all started around 2007 when I entered the world of content writing. It was the time when webmasters were gaming Google left and right with low-quality keyword-stuffed articles which were procured from unknown, unsung ghost-writers like me in India or Philippines perhaps.

…At a measly one dollar per 500 words. Can you imagine?

But I can’t blame my clients much. It was the order of the time.

However, I am thankful that it let me into this wonderful world of web copywriting.

Over the years, I gained valuable working experience, took the AWAI copywriting course along with many other online courses, and improved my copywriting skills to where I could charge over 35 bucks for 500 words.

It might not be much for many of you, especially if you are from any Western country … the exchange rate and the cost of living, you know, but it was important to me because it validated my years of effort that I had put into it.

I came to a big realization: WORDS SELL FOR GOLD!

I am not joking and no, not exaggerating even a bit.

Ask any established, successful digital entrepreneur and I guarantee that he will vouch for it.

Even in this Web 2.0 age, where content has moved beyond online print, I can tell you that words are still sweating in the background to make it possible for your content to shine.

This is at this time that I gradually started turning the concept of Copy-e-Writing a reality.

Now, let me confess that Copy-e-Writing is not a big company with a 2000 square foot office floor.

We are a small team of 5 copywriters including me who bring in a total experience of 20+ years in the web writing industry.

Our mission is simple: Create magic with words.

Whether it is with video scriptwriting, emails, website content, white reports or sales letters, we aim to provide stellar content that makes your marketing campaigns successful.

To make it possible, we strive to take a different approach from what most content development agencies do.

It might sound a bit paradoxical but…

We don’t focus on content.

We focus on building brands.

We do not boast of high quality or fastest turnarounds.

 We boast of providing content that gains customer love and creates solid brand recognition for the business.

And touch wood, business has been good for us … at least enough to make a living for ourselves … without selling our soul and still sleep peacefully at night.

But I, as the founder of Copy-e-Writing, wanted more. I mean, I am working 10 years in this industry and I see newbies, entering the industry every day, looking for advice.

I won’t say that there was a dearth of information and so I chipped in.

No, in fact, there’s a whole lot of information out there. Whew, information overload!

However, The Copy-e-Writing Letters is meant to be a series of personal letters where I share my personal experiences and opinions about the copywriting and content marketing world.

It’s personally written by me, and this is the place where I vent my thoughts and ideas for you, my dear reader.

Hope you find the letters educating, entertaining and sticky enough to let a relationship grow between us.

To end with…

Though I am a hardcore result-oriented marketing professional to my clients, I am still an “artist” at heart.

I think all writers including copywriters are.

Yes, we like to make sales happen for our clients or double the click-through rate of their Facebook ad. But deep inside, we thrive because of that unquenchable thirst for novelty.

We like to create.

That’s what makes who we are.

We make entrepreneurial dreams come true.

Thumbs up to every copywriter and content developer in the world.

As ever,
Ron C