How to Write Highly Engaging Instagram Captions

Writing Instagram Captions with High Engagement Rates …

… is an art.

Not many can do it.

But a few influencers are absolutely killing it.

Here’s a post by Six Figure Chick that gained 514 likes!

Here’s Deepika Mehta Yoga’s video with over 21.6k likes and 111 comments.

One more…

1736 likes and 21 comments for Jon Abalop’s post below.

But how does anyone write such Instagram captions that spark the interest of the mass and get them to click the Like or Comment buttons?

For starters, it must be noted that the engagement rate on Instagram is already much higher than that on Facebook or Twitter.

As y0u can see, even with an equivalent or lower posting rate, the engagement rate on Instagram was around 6 times that of Facebook and around 2.5 times that of Twitter.

Talk about going viral, huh?

But how?

If you go through the most shared posts on Instagram and try to decode them, you will find the following common points among them.

Ask a question to your followers

All you must do is ask.

A question.

A survey.

A poll.

Anything that asks them to react … that asks to show their appreciation or feedback in the form of a comment, like or share … will do.

The truth is, your audience wants you to interact with them. Instagram is a social network, after all. While content (in the form of photos and videos) is what makes or breaks your profile quality, it is the conversation around content that matters.

Add a call-to-action (CTA) to your captions

Like in any content marketing strategy, you should always include call-to-actions inside your content. In the case of Instagram, you can do that inside the captions.

Now, when we talk about call-to-actions inside Instagram captions, it can be of many forms―perhaps, a link or a share-for-gift or anything for that matter.

It can be a subtle message or a direct push toward a sale.

Check out Intel’s message below to see how it’s done.

Inspire emotions in your Instagram captions

The first thing we learn about copywriter, whether it is email copywriting or social media copywriting, is to appeal to the heart and not the brain.

Whether it is happiness, sorrow, fear or surprise, everything you write should spark something inside the reader. And not without reason. As per a recent Psychology Today article, it seems emotions influence a purchase the most.

Build up that anticipation.

Fire up anxiety.

Make it sound urgent.

Something that can’t be missed out.

Look how Jeffree Star, of Jeffree Star Cosmetics, did it with his product launch.

Know your Instagram audience inside out

The biggest advice Lewis Howes gives you is to know your audience well.

Instagram is a marketing powerhouse and if you know who your audience is, you can score a home run! A bucket load of leads and sales … and a lot more.

Ask yourself the following questions:

What are my audience’s biggest challenges?

What are their biggest pain points that I can solve?

What are their needs, wants, and desires?

If you check the marketing schedule of any large campaign, you will see how their market research span over a few months. During that time, a company tries to figure out who the audience is and how best to reach them.

If you want to enjoy the full potential of Instagram, your whole marketing strategy should start with one simple question.

“Who am I talking to?”

Include personal stories

Personal stories work great on social media.

Put yourself out there and you will get “buddies” who will feel you and join you in your life journey.

But is this only for personal growth coaches or such? No, even a lawn mowing company can create lifestyle-oriented posts that relate to their audience.

When I say personal stories, I mean laying a part of you bare out in the open. Show them that you are human. Let me see who you are, as something larger than the product you are selling.

Personal stories build brands.

Every Instagram post does not need to be a personal story but once in a while is good enough.

Below you will find how PCOS Support Girl generated 18,000 likes on a single post containing a personal story.


Let’s say that Instagram can be a great source of high-quality traffic, leads, and sales. Many Instagram influencers―including big companies and celebrities―are not only building a solid brand following on the platform but also making loads of money in the process.

People who say Instagram is for teenagers still haven’t got a clue about how powerful Instagram marketing can be.

Don’t be one among them.

Taking high-quality images for Instagram already? Start honing your Instagram caption writing skills as well.

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Helping digital brands, in India and around the world, with stellar copywriting and content marketing services for better lead generation, enhanced sales, and better customer retention. Reach me at +1 (518) 400 9081.