Creating highest converting email autoresponder sequence

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Are you an email marketer?
Your toughest challenge is always to create a high-converting email autoresponder sequence.
It’s not so simple as to merely send emails and rake in cash. It’s much more than that.
Remember, your email marketing campaigns can only work if your list is responsive.
And to make it so, you need to apply this tested email autoresponder strategy.
What does it entail?
It’s about sifting the most converting email addresses from the list and put them in the email autoresponder campaign.
So, how do you do it? You broadcast to them for the next 30-60 days.
…And you check for the email addresses with the highest open and click-through rates.
Now, choosing the right ones can be tough. Go with the ones that meet the industry average rates.
Now, you have a truly warmed-up list primed up for your email responders.
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