Follow the 80/20 rule in email marketing

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Do NOT be that email marketer who sends an offer every other day. In email marketing, always follow the 80/20 rule.

What does it mean? 80 percent of your emails should provide value and the rest 20 percent should promote an offer. None more than that.

Give your audience a chance to know, like and trust you. The more you share a story, send a quick tip or just plain engage with your subscriber, the more they will OPEN up to you.

This is the secret to long-term success in email marketing.

It’s easy to just whip up another sales email (I am a copywriter and I know it). But resist the urge of making a quick buck and play a long game instead.

If you do this, your subscribers will buy from you AGAIN and AGAIN without fail. Do you know why? Because you are not another email marketer to them then.

You are a REAL PERSON they know and have a connection with. That’s golden.

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