Email Marketing: 5 types of emails

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Email marketing starts with three questions:

Why are you sending the email?

What message does it contain?

Who is it for and how do you want them to react?

Keeping the above questions in mind, we can say that there are mainly five types of emails that you can send to your customer.




Product usage

Retention and loyalty

Whether you send these emails in the exact order as listed above…

Or, get creative with it…

They all serve those three crucial questions: WHO, WHAT and WHY.

Let’s look at them one by one.

Awareness. It’s just that―making your customer aware of a particular product, launched or not. Remember, you are not asking for a sale or anything conversion-oriented in this email. (I will conjecture this as standing on the town pulpit and shouting that “you are gay”.)

Consideration. In these emails, you try to persuade someone ever so slightly as to how your product is better than the others. Sending in one benefit after another. (Remember, this is not a conversion letter yet. Those are far more salesy in nature.)

Conversion. Now we are talking━sales, sales and more sales. Okay, not always though. It can be free signup to a webinar or even giving a call for a free consultation. Yet they are hard hitting and more about focusing on the attractiveness of the deal.

Product usage. If you need to inform or direct your customer about a particular point regarding your product, you can send out these emails. These emails can contain how-to instructions, best practices or even apologies like the one below.

Loyalty. This one is big. And this email type is the one that you would send to your existing customers. These already-converted customers are shifted to a different list where they are nurtured further for future offers. It’s a way to keep the conversation going.

So, there you go.

However, knowing the email types ain’t everything. You got to create the proper email marketing strategy to optimize their full potential.

If you are clueless where to start, I can help you. Reach me at +1 518 400 9081.


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