Create Epic Content Or Not At All

The brightest and the most popular one. The tallest among them all. Simply, the best of the best.

That’s what EPIC content is.

As per Neil Patel’s article:

Epic content is content that makes people stop whatever they’re doing to read, share, and link to it. It’s the type of content you shout about. It’s insanely useful, inspiring, beautifully written, and highly engaging.

It’s basically like porn. You know it when you see it (thumbs up to Justice Potter Stewart in the The Lovers case in 1964).

Every content marketer, when they sit down to publish some shit, they want it to be an “epic” one. And why should they not?

In today’s competitive content marketing landscape, the only way to stand out and shine is to create epic content.

And there are reasons behind that . . .

Why Create Epic Content?

Epic content attracts eyeballs. It’s a no-brainer. Epic content has the potential to get huge traffic and massive shares due to the fact that they are just plain “awesome”―unlike the rest.

I have seen bloggers and writers get over 10k Facebook likes, 3k tweets and boatload of comments just from ONE post alone.

You can too only if you create content that is 10x better than your competitors.

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Epic content establishes authority. If you create epic content that make the influencers sit up straight and pay attention, you are a boss material, my friend.

Authority sires credibility and trust, and your target audience tend to follow your lead. That’s when the door to content marketing heaven opens.

Epic content creates brand. Do I have to explain this, seriously? The more authority you gain in your niche, the better your chances of being deemed a brand.

What does branding mean for you? Branding improves market recognition, builds financial value and generates new customers. When you become a brand, you do not chase customers. Customers chase you instead. They follow you. They listen to you. They support you.

Epic content breeds loyalty. When you become a content brand, your followers not only follows you but also advocates you to others. Pure, unadulterated word-of-mouth marketing, free of cost!

Even a thousand true fans can be valuable. Ask Kevin Kelly.

A True Fan is defined as someone who will purchase anything and everything you produce. They will drive 200 miles to see you sing… They buy the t-shirt, and the mug, and the hat. They can’t wait till you issue your next work. They are true fans.

6 Principles of Epic Content Creation

According to Content Marketing Institute, following are the six epic content marketing principles to follow.

  1. Epic content fills a need: Your content should address some unmet need or answer a question your customers have. It needs to provide the right context and help your customers in their transformation journey, when complemented with your offered products or services. Check out Coca-Cola’s content and Red Bull’s storytelling efforts for an understanding.
  2. It communicates consistently: The primary hallmark of a successful publisher is consistency, both in terms of quality and delivery. Epic content in itself is an achievement and A PRODUCT as well. Whether you are asking your audience to subscribe to a monthly magazine or daily email newsletter, the “product” needs to arrive on time and as expected.
  3. It requires you to find your unique, and human, voice: The benefits of not being a journalistic entity is that you have nothing to hold you back from being… well… you. Find what your voice is and share it. In today’s “content shock” age, your voice can be expressed through words, design or interactivity.
  4. It expresses a point of view: Whoa! In case you are confused, epic content is not just a white paper or an industry report. Epic content is what simply “blows your mind away”. Don’t be afraid to take sides on matters that can position you and your company as an expert. Chipotle’s runaway viral hit The Scarecrow clearly has a point of view — that locally sourced and responsibly produced food is, well, superior to how most food is processed today.
  5. It is devoid of “sales speak”: Epic content does not talk about you. It talks about the hero of the journey. Epic content is to deliver as much as possible within as few words as possible. The more you talk about yourself, the less people will share and spread your story. It’s that simple.
  6. It’s recognized as the best of its breed: This goes without saying. If you want your customer to stick to what you say, you better say something worthwhile. Every word you speak must be of HUGE value and nothing less. Don’t say much. But when you do, make sure it’s . . . epic! Whether it is with in-depth factual data, useful quotes or highly actionable case studies, make your content not only readable but f-ing shareable, right?

That’s about epic content marketing. When done right, you can skyrocket your site’s popularity and take it to the top of the Google SERPs as fast as within a month! It’s not a pie-crust promise. It’s the brutal truth.

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Helping digital brands, in India and around the world, with stellar copywriting and content marketing services for better lead generation, enhanced sales, and better customer retention. Reach me at +1 (518) 400 9081.
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Helping digital brands, in India and around the world, with stellar copywriting and content marketing services for better lead generation, enhanced sales, and better customer retention. Reach me at +1 (518) 400 9081.