About Ron

One of my writer friends suggested me to add the About Me page on the website. She thinks my clients would want to know about me. (I am not that interesting, honestly.)

But here I am, writing about myself, like I am in an interview and the HR professional just asked me the dreaded question, “Tell me something about yourself.”

Alright, alright.

I am Ron C, a full-time direct response copywriter and content strategist for the last 10+ years. I have written almost everything from ebooks to landing pages to press releases to blog posts. To date, my copies have generated over a million in sales (if I estimate it correctly), and I would like to believe that my content pieces were rather LOVED by the readers of the publications I worked for. (Proof? I got repeated work.)

I specialize in technology and financial niches, and some of my writing samples can be found in my personal blog: https://psst.home.blog.

But, I am sure you do not want to know about my writing achievements only. You want to know about me as a person as well.

Well, let me tell you, I am a complete nerd. When I am not writing, I keep reading about mystical or scientific stuff, or just about anything I can get my hands on. I am a chess addict and the beauty of mathematics enthuses me. I am not much of a party animal, and I spend most of the day either reading or writing. And yes, a bit of True Detective or The Crown now and then.

Oh! To address the elephant in the room, I am a NON-NATIVE English speaking writer.

Does that matter to my clients? Nope. I believe writing is an art.

Do you ever ask a contemporary dancer whether he is from the States or Hong Kong? It does not matter. If the person has spent 10,000 hours to practice and perfect the art, he is supposed to be deemed an “expert”.

Am I an expert though? No, I am rather a hard-working, committed wordsmith who strives to provide VALUE for his client’s money. Yes, I charge relatively high compared to many of my peers but I would say I am worth it. (Hey, don’t believe so? Challenge me with a project, eh?)

To round it up, I am 6 feet tall, weigh around 75 kgs—yes, I need to gain some muscle—and wear spectacles.  And if you ask me what I do, I would probably say, “I am in the persuasion business. I sell for a living.”

Want to get in touch?

Contact here or send me a text or call at +1 501 400 9081.